Monday, January 12, 2009

The Workshop is Open

Well the world has been gifted with a new blog, one dedicated to cooking and eating. The idea is to take one ingredient and explore the myriad ways of preparing it. If all goes to plan this little corner of the internets will become a reference for those who are avid cooks looking to expand their repertoire and a place for beginning cooks to overcome the fear of trying something new. The ingredients will be selected as close to their seasonal peaks as possible as the flavor, availability, and price will all be optimum.

The first post of each ingredient will feature a list of classic flavor matches, as well selection and handling instructions. This information will come from a variety of sources, mainly books and personal observations which will be identified as such so that James Peterson and Thomas Keller cannot take any undue credit.

Following that, we will create as many dishes as we can featuring the ingredient in question and document their creation through pictures and written descriptions. Each recipe will be designed to be a jumping off point or component to other possible future dishes.

So let this blog be carved into the annals of cooking for the rest of time to enjoy.

1 comment:

  1. Just please make the recipes easy enough for a novice like me! If you do, I'll make them and then comment how they turned out!