Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Off the Workbench...Pears

Pears, we need to talk. Please sit down. The time has come for this stage of the relationship to end as it seems to have run its course. Please...Please...Yes of course it was fun and exciting in the beginning, all relationships are. Sure we all got to know you so much about you, and we learned how you could really shine with various groups and situations. Of course we remember wrapping you up in pasta, and covering you in cheese after coming out of the sauna. And how could we forget about that crazy night where we soaked you in milk and then burned sugar onto you. But then there was that night that you partied with the Greens and Onion and drank too much and spent the whole next night in the hot tub even after it got cold. Admittedly it did get weird after we made ice cream from the resulting "bath liquid," but that is not why this is ending.

There is someone else, not someone new but someone that is not passing their prime but coming into it. We shall always be friends, and hopefully we can still see each other from time to time when you are doing a little better. Until next time, farewell!


  1. Poor pears. I am worried about my own fate now...

  2. I wonder what the next hot thing will be!?

  3. "Soaked you in milk and burned sugar onto you."

    Most brilliant sentence I ever heard in my life.