Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Off the Workbench...Lemons

Lemons, there is no easy way to say this. Your star is fading. You are no longer the hot ticket. You are like John Travolta in the late 80's, before Pulp Fiction. Take this time to do the work you really love. Start a band, do some plays, work on your "one-man show." Only take roles that you will be really appreciated in.

Who is the hot new thing that is replacing you? First of all, calm down and see this as an opportunity. Second, there is not a new star rising just yet. When the time is right one will burst onto the scene. No, this is a time for rebuilding, getting back to roots, the classics that have made the genre what it is. So, go and enjoy yourself. We will call when we have something that screams out for Lemon, don't you worry about that. This isn't goodbye, it is see you later.


  1. meanwhile, Pears are still suicidal.

    who is going to be the next star??? i wonder...

  2. Pulp (!) Fiction!!!! I am excited for more tasty bits. I am also glad you never broke up with me. Harsh.