Tuesday, April 14, 2009

On the Workbench...The Basics

The Workshop had a realization. This Workshop has a shoddy foundation. Shoddy at best. How can a quality establishment that can withstand all that is thrown at possibly stand for long without a rock solid foundation? This house of cards need to be rebuilt with Legos...or something stronger.

With that in mind the Workshop humbly and with a whiff of embarrassment presents for exploration...The Basics. Basic preparations that can be applied to anything will be explored such that this Workshop can be rebuilt proud and tall. Who knows, it might even be LEED qualified when all is said and done.

Furthermore, if there is some basic ingredient preparation that you are feeling uneasy about or feel that it could use some fine tuning, drop a line in the comments section.


  1. How do you stuff meats with various things?

  2. What are the fundamental principles that a good chef always follows and practices?