Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Another Dish with Gremolata (Gremlin-lata)

As was mentioned in an earlier post about Gremolata, it can be used in things other than just risotto. In this case it was mixed in with some pasta to make a light accompaniment to the rest of the meal.

The Raw Gremlin-lata ready for surgery

The ingredients post surgery, ready to mingle

The mingling in full swing

General Notes:
Preparation Time: 20- 30 minutes depending on stove and knife skills
Servings: 2 as a main, 4 as a side
Notes: Angle hair works nicely but is not the end all be all of good pasta for this dish. Do some experimenting.

Pot for Boiling Water
Knife, Cutting Board, bowl
Zester, or grater, or peeler, or steady hand and a knife
Saute Pan (optional)

Zest of 2 lemons, grated or chopped fine
4-6 Garlic Cloves, depending on how Garlicky you like it
1 -2 tbsp Fresh Ginger, grated or chopped fine, depends on how much you like ginger
1 - 2 tbsp Fresh Parsley, chopped fine
1 - 2 tbsp Fresh Mint, chopped fine
2- 4 tbsp Olive Oil
Juice of 1/2 Lemon
Kosher Salt to Taste

1/2 pound (1/2 box) Angel Hair pasta
Water for boiling

Written Instructions:
  • Set a pot of water to boil
  • Combine all the ingredients for the Gremolata and set aside
  • Add salt to the boiling water, and let boil uncovered for 2 minutes (sanitary reasons)
  • Add Angel Hair and boil until pasta is al dente (cooked but not mushy), and drain
  • Optional Step, heat saute pan over medium low heat and add 3/4 of the prepared Gremolata to pan to cook briefly. Then add cooked and drained pasta to pan and toss to coat
  • Return Angel Hair to pot and add 3/4 of the prepared Gremolata
  • Stir to coat the pasta and move to you favorite serving vessel
  • Garnish with reserved Gremolata and make it happen in your tum tum


  1. This is super yummy! Also, whoever your photographer is, is outstanding!

  2. Carl does love his angel hair. Do you think parmesan would go well on this?

  3. First of all, if Carl is eating it, Parmesan goes on anything. Secondly, Parmesan would go wonderfully with this. You have mentioned that you have not exactly bought your ticket for the mint and ginger train, so if you are not quite ready for it, simply omit those and just go with the classic gremolata of lemon zest, garlic and parsley.

    If you say this goes well with Parmesan, then I must try it out.