Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pears left a message on the Workshop Machine

Pears called again this morning. It had been weeks since the Workshop had to ask Pears to stop calling several times a day "just to check in" and see if the Workshop had any other ingredients on the work bench. You have to admire the hard work that Pears put in though. Pears made it into a Visual Guide on Epicurious. You have to admit, Pears is looking good. Real good, but it could never work in the end. Especially not with Lemons in the picture right now.

Well anyway it is worth a look, if you want to see our old friend once more.

When the text is this color it is a link, in case you have not yet noticed.


  1. hahahaha!!! oh, pears. when will you learn?

  2. Sounds like the pear has some attachment issues. Perhaps an absentee father????

  3. Pears' father worked in the police force, too busy being a loose cannon and never being there for his child!

  4. this is one of the best blogs i have ever seen.