Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Lemon Czar (aka what to drink when you have too much Amish Lemonade and want to enjoy a cocktail)

Wondering how to make your Amish Lemonade a little less Amish, maybe a little more Russian? Well adding some Vodka is always a good place to start. Is it a little tangy and harsh for you now? Okay then add in some Cointreau to smooth that out. A little too sour still? Okay, fine, time to pull out the fancier guns, put a sugar rim on it. Delightful and refreshing right? Now go and dance, dance, dance.

Arty shot of the finished product in front of the ingredients

General Notes:
Preparation Time: 3 -5 minutes depending on how fast you can sugar a rim
Servings: 1
The workshop makes drinks pretty strong as a house policy, so decrease the booze if you need to. Also, use the best quality alcohols that you can afford, the difference is incredible.

1 12 ounce glass
Stirrer or shaker
Jigger, or shot glass

1.5 ounce (1 shot, big side of jigger) Good Quality Vodka ( the Workshop is currently using Stolichnaya Elit, because the best Southern Wine and Spirits rep in the country, Dan Crockett, delivers free goods to the Workshop occasionally)
.5 ounce (small side of jigger) Cointreau, or Grand Marnier, or Triple Sec
Ice to fill glass
Amish Lemonade to fill the glass
Small amount of sugar to rim the glass
Lemon Slice

Written Instructions:
  • Get the various ingredients together
  • Rub the slice of lemon around the rim of the glass
  • Invert the glass into the sugar and spin the glass or generally just try and rub the sugar onto it
  • Add the booze to the glass and stir
  • Add ice to the glass to fill
  • Add the lemonade to the glass to fill
  • Stir again
  • Make it happen in your tum tum
  • Put on some Smokey Robinson and Dance, Dance, Dance

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  1. I enjoy all the dancing!!! Nothing goes better with booze than dancing.